So here I am, distributing flyers with my dear friend Juan for the new business we are setting up. What business, you want to know? Oh, thank you for asking! Well, we are about to start Fashiondot, a shopping assistant and fashion advice company. Right now, we’re getting everything prepared and our website is still in the making (although you can already check out the “Coming soon” version here:, so we are not quite ready yet. But there was a big street festival last weekend here in Frankfurt, and so we thought, oh, what the heck, let’s print some flyers to start spreading the word! And so we did. As you can see, the party took place in the city’s red light district. It was a lot of fun! And of course I’ll keep you posted about everything Fashiondot-related and let you know when we’ll be ready-ready!DSC_4376DSC_4464
DSC_4479DSC_4348DSC_4448DSC_4446DSC_4363DSC_4476DSC_4369DSC_4372DSC_4373DSC_4474DSC_4393DSC_4421Dress: Thread Social, shoes: Melissa, rings: Cos, H&M