Hi, my name is Alessandra and I love everything fashion and chocolate related. My obsession for clothes begun quite a while ago, back in the 80s, during the supermodel-crazed era, when I was a teenager. Back then, I collected everything model-, fashion- (ok, and also Madonna- and Prince-) related and dreamt of having an equally glamorous life. Well, I grew up to be a translator, but my obsession with fashion remained. After having given (solicited and unsolicited, but always very welcomed) advice to friends for many years, I decided to take this to another, professional level and founded FASHIONDOT with my dear friend Juan, where we advice our clients on what to wear, what to wear it with and where to buy it. I’m Zurich, Switzerland, and Frankfurt, Germany based and love watching Breaking Bad, the smell of a freshly pressed Vogue, drinking Chai tea and slipping into a new pair of shoes for the first time.

The photos and the texts on this blog are sourced from various sites from the internet (apart from the ones taken by me). If you feel your photorights have been violated or they have been presented in a negative way, please send me an email. I’ll remove them from my blog.