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Yep, here we go again, another Madonna-related post. But don’t worry, fashiondotblog isn’t slowly turning into a fan-blog. I just thought that these pictures would go nicely with the one I showed you a couple of weeks ago; and then, I mean, come on: Just look at her! How could I not show you these photographs?
It’s hard to imagine that 30 years ago, her style got everybody up in arms; and compared to today’s silly shenanigans of a Lady Gaga, this seems utterly tame. But back then, her style was provocative, shocking and just really, really unique. The media couldn’t stop writing about her look and adults were really pissed off. Every girl and every woman on the planet was trying to imitate her style, to tease her hair just like her, to layer ripped jeans over lace leggins, to crop her t-shirt just to the right length, to pile on bangles and belts and necklaces just like she did.
Today, if you’re dressing up for an 80s-themed party, you’re really just dressing like a young Madonna. That just goes to show you how lasting and deep her influence and legacy has been.

Madonna_1Madonna_2Madonna_3Madonna_4Madonna_5Madonna_6Madonna_7 Madonna_9 Madonna_10 Madonna_11 Madonna_12Madonna_13 Madonna_14 Madonna_15
©Richard Corman


I always find it funny when models are asked to dance for a fashion shoot, or better yet, for a fashion video; after all, a picture can hide any lacking rhythm skills. Most often than not, the attempts to make the model look cool and sexy end in an awkward and quite cringe-inducing result. The makers of Love found a good solution: In their fashion video “The Collections”, shot for the magazine’s 5th anniversary edition, they let the models move in really robotic, awkward ways, put some electronic music over it and cut it accordingly. So, even though I normally find fashion videos not very interesting, because the model usually has to writhe around in skimpy clothes or act like she’s in a pretentious “art” video (term used very loosely here), I really like this one. Well, and of course it doesn’t hurt that the models are wearing some of the season’s finest confections and styled impeccably.
The editorial was shot by Solve Sundsbo and features the models Kirsten Owen, Erika Wall, Joanna Tatarka, Lily McMenamy, Malaika, Rebecca M, Sibyl Buck, Stella Tennant, Anna Vyalitsyna, Julia Nobis, Madeline Blomberg and Onria Hardin.