Last week, I was asked by the people of the Frankfurt Book Fair (who happens to be the world’s largest) to take pictures of stylish visitors and exhibitors for their lookblog tumblr. Great! I thought. But wait a minute… Are there even stylish people at a book fair? It’s not NYFW, after all, where you stumble over fashionistas, whether you like it or not. And indeed, it wasn’t easy to find the handful of people who weren’t clad in shapeless jeans, t-shirts and “reasonable” shoes. But I did find some beautiful women and men with a great sense of personal style, after all. So, this is what I have been up to in the last couple of days. You can find all pictures here, and below some of my personal favorites.

IMG_6854_2 IMG_7103_2 IMG_7445 IMG_7314_2 IMG_7272 IMG_7283_2 IMG_7213_2 IMG_7120 IMG_7031 IMG_6988_2 IMG_7056_2 IMG_7400 IMG_7013_2 IMG_6805_2 IMG_6871 IMG_6931 IMG_7250 IMG_6998_2