I got more interested in Valentino a couple of years ago, and even though their dresses can be a bit twee and overly sugary sometimes, there is no denying that they are just gorgeous pieces of clothing and that I want to own a lot of them.

It’s a rhino! On your chest!Valentino_1aValentino_1b
And here we have a bow-wielding minotaur? Perhaps hunting the ram on top of the other clutch?Valentino_2bValentino_2a
Three of the many gorgeous dresses: pretty and somber at the same time.Valentino_4Valentino_5Valentino_6
And another beautiful dress: I especially like the velvety top with the voluminous skirt and the juxtaposition of the feminine silhouette and the wild animals on the skirt.Valentino_15aValentino_15b