For  Fall 2013, Armani didn’t show a lot of colors; in fact, there were only two: nude and nude (ok, so there was also some black thrown into the mix – also not an actual color, technically speaking). So instead of presenting some designs I particularly liked, I only show you thumbnails of the pics so that you get a feeling for the color palette.
Armani Couture 2013_18Armani Couture 2013_19Armani Couture 2013_20Armani Couture 2013_21Armani Couture 2013_1Armani Couture 2013_2Armani Couture 2013_4Armani Couture 2013_3Armani Couture 2013_5Armani Couture 2013_6Armani Couture 2013_7Armani Couture 2013_8Armani Couture 2013_9Armani Couture 2013_10Armani Couture 2013_11Armani Couture 2013_12Armani Couture 2013_13Armani Couture 2013_14Armani Couture 2013_15Armani Couture 2013_16