In the next couple of days, I’m going to show you my favorite pieces from the Fall 2013 Couture shows which have just begun showing. First up: Versace and Dior!
Naomi Campbell opened and closed the show.ImageCave-lady meets Smurfette in a blue fur dress.ImageLindsey looking like she just fell out of Studio 54 in 1980.ImageLoving the hair and make-up; they look really classy against the über-sexy and revealing clothes.ImageNice juxtaposition between sexy and open and prim and proper.Image


Great sweater-shirt-scarf-combo.ImageAgain with the oversized sleeves, worn with a scarf.ImageI like the idea of the belt holding together – her stomach?ImageThat must look even better in movement: Look at that fringe!ImageLove how the pastel becomes bright at her knees.ImageI’m a sucker for white shirts, especially paired with bright colors.Image